In this book, Pandita Ramabai relates the story of her life with all its ups and downs from her birth in a high caste Hindu Brahmin family till her encounter with Jesus Christ. She describes how she overcame the many prejudices of Indian society to help downtrodden and fallen women. She also describes her own spiritual journey, both in India and in the West and how various persons and events influenced her in an insightful, honest and down to earth manner.


This book is the personal testimony of one of India’s most revolutionary thinkers of her time – more than 100 years ago.


Her achievements were many:


  • She was an exceptional Sanskrit scholar of her time when women did not have access to basic educational facilities. Recognizing this, she was conferred the title of “Pandita” by Calcutta University.
  • She was a social reformer and defying the caste system, married a Shudra.
  • She established Arya Mahila Samaj in 1882 for the cause of women’s education.
  • In 1896, during a severe famine, she toured the villages of Maharashtra and rescued thousands of outcast children, widows, orphans and other destitute women.
  • She established the Sharada Sadan in 1889 which eventually blossomed into what is known as the Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission.
  • She translated the Bible into her native language, Marathi, from the original Hebrew and Greek texts.






In recognition of her contribution to the advancement of Indian women, the Government of India issued a commemorative stamp.





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